Thursday, October 25th

7 to 10 PM

Thursday October 18th

6 to 10 PM

"jazz, classic rock, and other cool stuff"

J a z z m a t a z z

Jazzmatazz is a jazz-rock duo featuring Maryland Entertainment Hall of Famers Don Armstrong (flutes, vocals, and percussion) and Kirby Storms (guitars and vocals). Kirby and I have been playing together for over 35 years and  have developed a very tight presentation of some pretty cool tunes. From Miles Davis to Jethro Tull, our music caters to a wide variety of musical tastes. We feature a variety of guitars, flutes, percussion, vocals, and a little electronic wizardry, to create a sound much like a full band, but without the space requirement, cost or loudness associated with a larger group. We perform at a  very comfortable volume, allowing for conversation and a pleasant listening environment making us the perfect fit for restaurants, wineries, clubs, pubs, weddings and any venue that just needs great music. We're not a so-called "dance band" (although you can certainly dance to our music) or a "party band".... we're a "social event band" with the sole intent of making sure that every function we play is a special occasion.

Please give a listen to the samples of our music posted on the next page and check us out on Facebook.  We look forward to hearing from you!   Jazzmatazz

Thursday, September 20th

5 to 7 PM

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